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The COMITES is a democratically elected committee which works
to identify and support the needs of the Italian community

in Scotland and Northern Ireland.
The COMITES, (Committee for Italians Abroad), works with the CGIE and the Italian

Foreign Ministry to assist Italian citizens in dealing with diplomatic and consular services.
  The COMITES is composed of 12 members elected by Italian citizens resident in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Modern means of communication make cooperation much easier and we welcome the input and suggestions of all members of the community.
In collaboration with the Consulate, the COMITES aims to:
-- Support Italian citizens residing in Scotland and Northern Ireland;
-- Facilitate the relationship between Italian citizens, the Consulate and the Embassy;
-- Promote social, cultural and recreational initiatives organised by the community; -- Promote the Italian language in schools and support Italians products;
--Offer advice to groups and institutions operatingin Scotland and Northern Ireland;
-- Consult on suggestions and proposals of the Consular authorities;
-- Advise Consular authorities where intervention mightassist members of the Italian community.

Cav. Adriano De Marco


To contact the COMITES, please email us at: